The tourist office of Romans-sur-Isère obtained the Label Tourism and Handicap in 2014 !

A nationwide quality initiative for disabled people.
The Tourisme & Handicap label is a response to the request of disabled people who wish to be able to choose their holidays and leisure activities in total freedom, and be guaranteed accessibility to the facilities and amenities proposed.

The label's objectives

  • For a disabled tourist, the Tourisme & Handicap label shows a commitment on the part of tourism and leisure operators to making facilities and amenities accessible, and guarantees an efficient and adapted welcome.

  • For tourism professionals, the label is a mark of recognition for their efforts to make places and facilities accessible to disabled visitors, and it also gives them a competitive edge over places without an official label.


Implementation of the label

The label may be granted to a venue for 2, 3, or 4 disabilities: physical, visual, hearing and mental. The pictogram corresponding to the disability for which the amenities are accessible is displayed next to the 'Tourisme & Handicap' logo. For example, the pictogram 'physical disability' guarantees the necessary adaptable amenities for a person in a wheelchair (lift, sanitary facilities, ramp, etc.). It is therefore essential for the visitor to check for which category of disability/disabilities the facilities are adapted.