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The Fontaine du Puits du Cheval (Well-of-the-Horse Fountain)

The Fontaine du Puits du Cheval (Well-of-the-Horse Fountain)


Place Puits du Cheval



Languages spoken

  • French


Opposite the collegiate church at the bottom of rue Pêcherie, place du Puits-du-Cheval.

The source, which feeds this well and the fountain, finds its origin in a legend mixing God… and devil!

According to legend, young Romanians who had abused alcoholic drinks a little would provoke the devil in these terms: "Let the devil come, we will ride him like a horse!".
Immediately, a small horse appears in front of them and the young people, in no way impressed, decide to ride it. Always in a supernatural way, the horse lengthens as our intrepid young people get on it and suddenly, it goes towards Isère.
The young people then understand that he is the incarnation of the devil that they had just provoked and they invoke the help of God. But when the horse arrives at the edge of the Isère, the earth opens under its hooves and, unbalanced, it rears up and ejects our unfortunate repentants before being engulfed in the depths of the earth.
A source then springs up at this precise location.


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