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Village de Granges-lès-Beaumont

Village de Granges-lès-Beaumont





Languages spoken

  • French


Granges-lès-Beaumont est située au confluent de deux rivières, l'Isère et l'Herbasse.
L’histoire des Granges illustre l’évolution des relations avec le fleuve, avec l’abandon des sites d’habitat anciens en bordure de l’Isère au profit d’un village neuf.

Number of inhabitants: 961
Area: 751 ha.

Granges-lès-Beaumont is located at the angle formed by the confluence of two rivers, the Isère to the south and the Herbasse to the west. It is bounded by the Chambaran Plateau to the north and by the Romans district to the east.
In this district you find many fruit, peach and nectarine growers, as well as the growing of greenhouse flowers.
For a long time attached to Beaumont-Monteux, Granges-lès-Beaumont only acquired the status of a separate district in 1947. It gets its name from the many barns built on its territory.

Sights to see:

Saint-Maurice Church: Built in 1870, it is situated in the centre of the village.


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