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La Chapelle Saint-Roch


Mont de Véroux

225 Montée de la Chapelle

26350 CRÉPOL


Languages spoken

  • French


With its Romanesque chevet and bell tower, the chapel is mentioned in archives as early as 1050.
The Nave was rebuilt after the Wars of Religion at the end of the 16th century. Every summer, it hosts concerts, exhibitions and meetings.

Probably built on the site of a temple to Venus, it was initially dedicated to Saint André, before changing patron saint during the cholera epidemic of 1831-1832. Indeed, as Saint Roch was known for the care he had lavished on the plague-stricken of Rome in the 14th century, it was deduced that he could undoubtedly act against cholera... He was therefore installed in the chapel in place of Saint André.

Crépol marks the entrance to the upper Herbasse valley. The village is characterized by its many pebble and molasse buildings and its incredible 100-hectare forest. The Bourdogne forest is criss-crossed by a path leading to the Saint-Roch chapel, which hosts concerts, exhibitions and meetings every summer. Panoramic view of Mont-Blanc.

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