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La spécialité gastronomique: La Truffe



Languages spoken

  • French


The historical region of Tricastin, in southwest Drôme, is France’s leading truffle-growing area. Sixty percent of the nation’s production of black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) comes from the Tricastin.

Also found in parts of the Drôme Valley, Tuber melanosporum has an exceptionally powerful flavour and earthy aroma and is often referred to as the diamant noir (‘black diamond’). This precious edible fungus also grows on the hillsides of the Côteaux de Romans. A number of truffle farms continue the tradition of truffle growing and collecting, including La Baume Saint-Antoine farm based in Romans. Our local chefs use this delicious delicacy in many of their finest creations. Interesting fact: cavage, the practice of using a specially trained animal (usually a dog) to sniff out black truffles (which grow underground), takes place in winter.

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