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Le Clos des Capuçins

Le Clos des Capuçins


Clos des Capuçins



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Above the Côte des Chapeliers, the Clos des Capucins reminds us that a convent of Franciscans was established in Romans for almost two hundred years. They were so named because of the "capuce" or hood they wore over their heads.

It was at the request of the people of Roman that the Capuchin Friars Minor settled in the town, and on All Saints' Day in 1609, they planted the Cross as a sign of taking possession of a spacious plot of land at the foot of the ramparts, on the site of the old citadel.

The first Guardian, as the Superior of a convent of Franciscan religious is called, was the Venerable Father Joseph de Dreux, elected in 1612 after spending three years building the convent.

During the French Revolution, the ten Capuchins of Romans were asked to leave the town, and their real and personal property was sold. One of the purchasers had the church demolished, while another had the beautiful avenue of lime trees cut down.

The main building still exists and has been divided into several smaller properties.

(Historical Romans)

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