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Art and nature tours in Romans

Come and try out a walking tour through the town and countryside of Romans-sur-Isère! This city tour will take you along the historical streets of the town and you'll be able to learn about the local heritage, particularly through local craftsmanship. This walking tour will also take you on a stroll along the banks of the Isère.


A walk through Romans

The walking tour begins in the town centre. It is possible to get there by train or by car. I recommend choosing carefully the day of your tour because the opening times of the local craftspeople may differ. In total there are around twenty craftspeople who open the doors to their workshop to share their passion and expertise.

I went on this tour with a group of friends, who like me, are very interested in finding out more about local craftsmanship.

Visit the craftspeople of Romans

The first part of the tour is through the historic centre of Romans-sur-Isère. This part is focused on local craftsmanship and you'll be taken around 17 workshops: paintings, leather goods, shoes, ceramics, fans, bookbinding, art, string instruments, etc.

There is a great atmosphere and this tour is an opportunity to really open our eyes, listen and admire what we see. The craftspeople are very welcoming and open to talk about their trade, their passion.

I particularly liked meeting the fanmaker, who was so enthusiastic about his passion. The ceramist is a terrific person who provides lessons for adults and children. I really admire these craftspeople who stay loyal to their town and promote the "made in France" concept so well.

All year round, the artists and craftspeople open the doors to their workshops and give people the possibility to see them work and share their expertise. There are several shops throughout the town selling local products of Romans and the surrounding area.


Visit the natural environment of Romans

The tour then takes us to the International Shoes Museum and the Cité de la Musique, with Saint Romain park up above. We admire the view of the Vercors, Monts du Matin, the roofs and the banks of the Isère from Romans to Bourg-de-Péage.

We leave the town centre for a much more peaceful setting. It's now time for the tour of the natural environment that will take us to Bourg-de-Péage! We follow the same route as the green cycle path through Isère Valley. An opportunity to observe the wildlife in this humid environment.


From Romans to Bourg-De-Péage

In Bourg-De Péage, there's a marked trail called "Au fil des cadres" which provides historic information and details about the heritage sites of the town. We cross over the Passerelle des Ors. You can even take a detour to climb up to Ors. The view from the top is worth the effort!

After passing Pont Vieux, the tour leads us to Pont Neuf and then back to Romans.

Our walk along the banks of the Isère and discovery of local craftsmanship is already over.

If you are interested in local heritage, don't hesitate to take part in this urban, fun and instructive tour of Romans.

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