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A weekend


Valence is a great destination for a weekend away. It's an opportunity to explore the town, go for a pleasant walk and discover the local specialities. Here are some ideas for a weekend away in Valence.

Day 1

Morning: sightseeing in Valence

  • Pick up the Valence sightseeing map from the Tourist Office. It is also available on the website here . Then you can start your exploration of the must-sees of Valence. 
  • From the Champ de Mars you'll have a breath-taking view over the hills of the Ardèche and the ruins of the Château de Crussol.  Discover one of the most famous landmarks of Valence: Peynet bandstand . This bandstand is listed a historic monument.
  • The Maison des Têtes owes its name to the many sculpted heads that decorate its façade.
  • Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral has been listed a historic monument since 1832.
  • The sightseeing tour will then lead you to the Porte Saint-Ruf, the Maison Mauresque and the Saint-Jean district. 
  • You could also stop by the local market if it's market day. Go to the town's website for more information.

Lunchtime: Asian cuisine

  • You'll be trying some Asian cuisine for lunch.
  • You can choose between My Little Warung, at Place Notre Dame or Champa Saveurs d’Asie at Rue Madier de Montjau. You can either eat in or take away.

Afternoon: Walking tour with a local guide

  • The afternoon is a great time to go for a guided walking tour with a greeter . They are locals from Valence and the surrounding area who would like to share their passion for the town and region.
  • For example you could book a guided tour with Bernard Devis who is also the owner of a guesthouse that you could stay at for the night.

Evening / overnight: American and Irish evening

  • Get an authentic American experience for your evening meal. Go to the restaurant Le 12/04 , at Place de l’université, to taste one of their excellent burgers.
  • Carry on your evening in the casual atmosphere of the Irish pub Penny Kenny’s , on Avenue Gambetta.
  • For your overnight stay, try the Jardin Vers le Sud guesthouse, run by Bernard.

Day 2

Morning: Château de Crussol

•    Hire an electric bicycle from Carbone Zéro , near Valence train station.

•    Then set off on a bike ride around the Château de Crussol and admire the superb view of the surrounding countryside.

•    Go on a guided tour to learn about how the locals of Crussol lived in medieval times. 

•    You could also go on a tour of the Château de Crussol. This 1.5-hour walking tour offers superb views of the castle and the Rhône valley.

Lunchtime: Lunch in a brasserie

•    The Le Continental brasserie is ideal for a relaxing lunch.

•    This pleasant brasserie is opposite Carbone Zéro (where you hired your electric bicycle from).

Afternoon: museum and tasting

•    At the Museum of Art and Archaeology you can learn about the history of Mankind and the arts, regional prehistory and contemporary art. The archaeology section of the museum presents the history of the civilisations who have lived in the mid-Rhône valley. The art section displays paintings, drawings, decorative arts and sculptures.

•    Your afternoon continues with a tour and tasting session at La Valentinoise brewery . The perfect occasion to discover this local craft beer of Valence.

•     End your day at Les Bouteilles wine cellar, to discover the local wines. 

jardin musée de valence

Other ideas for trips alone...