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Sur le Champ music festival in Valence

An unmissable music festival!

If you are going to go to one music festival this year, it's got to be the Sur le Champ Festival! This festival used to be known as "Fêtes de l’Eté", quite simply because it is always held in July (été = summer in French) The local people of Valence know it well. It is most definitely the number one event of the summer in Valence, made even more popular due to the fact that it is completely free and everyone can take part!

There is a big stage set up at the Champ de Mars - which is where the festival's current name comes from -, just in front of Peynet bandstand , the iconic symbol of the town. The whole of the town centre is brought to life for the 4 or 5 festive evenings where you can attend concerts featuring all sorts of different and eclectic styles of music. Each evening is dedicated to one particular style of music: French pop, urban music, world music, etc. There's something for everyone! 

The festival makes sure to showcase local talent as the supporting acts for more well-known French artists like Vianney, Rover, Orelsan or Faudel who all came to perform here before they shot to fame! Other well-known names to have performed on the Champ de Mars stage are Julien Doré, Grand Corps Malade, Juliette Armanet and Emilie Loiseau.

This festival is an edgy one, family-friendly and 100% free! It is an opportunity to get together and share your passion for music, while enjoying a bite to eat or something to drink and admiring the view of Crussol and Peynet Bandstand (and all in the town centre, which is rare for festivals nowadays). We always stick around to witness the superb sunset.

Whether you are just curious or already an avid festival-goer, everyone can get together at the Sur le Champ Festival to enjoy the superb atmosphere, on the grass in front of the open-air stage.

A recent addition is the "Off" concerts which are held throughout the month of July. They are a chance for either unknown or already well-known local artsits to come and perform in different places across the town, in the street, in front of bars or in other public places. We stop by, listen and discover new sounds.

A free music festival that usually takes place after the 14th July. Accessible to people with reduced mobility. Small snack bar and volunteer-run refreshments bar available. No prior bookings.

festival sur le champ Valence
festival sur le champ Valence