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Flavours & Terroir

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A question of taste!

Food is a subject that is close to the heart of the local people of the Drôme. The Drôme is brimming with culinary delights, Michelin-starred chefs and local specialities. The department is also a forerunner in France for the organic food industry. What better a place to treat yourself and enjoy the delicious products on offer across the area?

Come and explore our countryside and rural heritage. Discover the expertise of the Drôme's local farmers and producers, who will open their doors to you, take you on a tour of their farms and workshops and let you taste their top-quality, authentic creations.

Food in the Drôme is all about flavours and terroir.



Valence en Gastronomie Festival: the culinary event of the year!


The Valence en Gastronomie Festival is an obvious event to be held in this town. We invite you to come and discover the specialities of this land of great food and flavours! This culinary event is held over 5 days in September, and brings together around twenty events, chefs, producers, businesses operating in this industry and 53,000 visitors! Every year, the festive event begins with the "rallye gastronomique". This is a car rally through the streets of the Drôme and Ardèche where participants have to solve riddles along the way and there are 5 surprise stops at the estates of local producers, winegrowers, farmers and restaurant owners: an opportunity to explore the area, taste the products and maybe be crowned champion of this fantastic rural escapade. If you are a food lover or you like discovering local specialities, this is the event for you.


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Our local Flavours & Terroir

Are you a fan of good wine, looking for fresh and local products, do you want to meet the producers or are you just looking for some good, top-quality dishes? Find out all about the local delights on offer in this area.