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The Foire du Dauphiné

The Foire du Dauphiné: an entertaining event!

The Foire du Dauphiné is the must-see event of the autumn! It is a huge trade fair and so much more besides! There is also a whole host of entertainment, all day long, with different well-known guests every day, a funfair, and different spaces where you can get together with friends or family, in a warm and inviting atmosphere. At the Foire du Dauphiné, you'll find thrilling rides, some more traditional ones and some sweet treats to enjoy in moderation. Lots of visitors like to come at the end of the day, to take a stroll around the different stands and taste some of the specialities on offer. There are traditional restaurants and more specialised ones (local, Gascogne cuisine, Caribbean cuisine, seafood specialities, etc.), there's something for everyone. Be aware that it gets very busy so often it's a good idea to book a table in advance!

This trade fair is different to the others because there are also shows and opportunities to meet the artists. In terms of the artists, the Foire du Dauphiné is always up-to-date. Every day, you'll see one or more different guests. There's a day for each category of visitors: for women, the older generation, children, fans of reality TV, etc. There really is something for everyone. These shows are only available for those who have purchased an entrance ticket to the trade fair… which comes at a very affordable price to meet a celebrity!

The Foire du Dauphiné: an unmissable event that will help you with your future projects!

People of all ages will be able to talk to the exhibitors - no less than 500 - and ask them for advice and handy tips. The exhibitors come from a range of sectors: outdoor landscaping, furniture, well-being, DIY, real estate, leisure, food, etc. At the Foire du Dauphiné there's something for all ages, all styles and all budgets.

The Foire du Dauphiné: a well-organised event

Thanks to over 80 years of experience, the organisers have literally thought of everything: marked parking spaces, shuttle buses from the town centre, a live online radio and TV stream so people can stay up to date with what's happening at the trade fair. This event attracts more than 100,000 people over 9 days. The Foire du Dauphiné is always held between the last Saturday in September and the 1st Sunday in October. That's easy to remember isn't it? The Foire du Dauphiné has even got a Fan Club and an Ambassadors' Club, proof that it's not just an event for the local people of Romans, but for visitors who sometimes come from all over France.

This event will be held from the 26th September to the 4th October 2020.

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