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parcours du patrimoine etoilien


45, rue de la république



Languages spoken

  • French


A 1-hour pedestrian heritage trail featuring the various monuments of the historic village.

Etoile is home to a remarkable heritage, including a number of listed monuments hidden in the heart of the village, behind facades that are sometimes brightly colored. To help you discover the history of our village over the centuries, and to share with you this atmosphere, still a little medieval but already Provençal, let us guide you through our charming lanes and alleyways. Silk-screened glass plaques evoke a place, a monument, a point of view designed to encourage visitors to look, scrutinize, move forward and soak up the warm, discreet ambience of this lively, timeless tour.
It's up to each visitor to evoke, according to his or her own sensibility, the grand ladies in hennin, the brutal soldiers, the hopeful federates, the merchants, the hard-working laborer.

Opening periods

From 11/01 to 12/31 : open daily.


Free of charge

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