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Eglise Saint-Nicolas


rue de l'Eglise



Languages spoken

  • French


The Saint-Nicolas church is perched at the top of the village on the ancient motte castrale. Its remarkable Alpine-style bell tower was rebuilt in the 19th century. At the top of the mound, an orientation table offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

A fortified village built on a natural mound of molasse, around a fortified castle belonging to the Counts of Valentinois and attested in the 13th-14th centuries, Charpey was the center of an important ancient mandement that also included the priory of Saint-Didier, the commandery of Saint-Vincent and the farming village of Bésayes. Destroyed in 1345 during the Episcopal War, the town lost its military vocation in the 14th century, but was rebuilt as a commercial center (drapery, fairs) and administrative center (royal justice, prisons). The town's diverse heritage is highlighted by its two medieval churches and a large number of old buildings (château, Renaissance houses, mansions).

Opening periods

All year round, daily.

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