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Accroforest Peyrins

Accroforest Peyrins is a multi-activity leisure park. It is in Ussiaux forest near Valence and Romans. I tried out this treetop climbing place with my 2-year-old son on a sunny summer's day.
The adventure begins in the middle of the forest, in the shade with only (almost) the singing of the birds to break the silence. I can't wait to see little Diego have fun and test his balance on the pink trail! This is a new discovery for him but I'm sure he'll absolutely love it.

accrobranche peyrins

Treetop climbing in Valence for young children

It's pretty rare to find a treetop climbing trail suitable for children from the age of 2! On this trail, there are no harnesses or ropes to hold you up. The instructors are always on hand to keep an eye on the children and will help out if necessary.
Diego sets off along the trail. At first he's got a firm grip on my hand while he gets used to this whole new experience. For him it's a game, every part of the trail is fun. He manages to complete the superhero trail as he calls it. He really enjoys himself passing over the giant steps, tube, net, wooden logs and small zip wire. The time flies by and before we know it, we've been here for almost 3 hours, going up and down the trail! He starts to let go of my hand as he gets more and more confident. But he's starting to get a bit tired and it's time to take a break for a well-deserved afternoon snack!

Activities for everyone

There's a picnic area and seating area at the park. But first I'm going to the snack bar to get a cold drink and an ice cream for Diego. It's almost time for us to leave. We have a look at the other trails for children. Diego will soon be able to try the yellow one! There's also a great play area so I think next time I'll bring a football too.
The park has a wide range of activities on offer: laser tag, orienteering and freefall. Diego will be able to try them all out when he's a bit older, either with his friends or with me. In the meantime, he really enjoyed himself today and is already asking when we can go back. I decided to go for the unlimited pass! Accroforest is the perfect place to work on your balance, motor skills and to improve self-confidence.
For 10 euros, we'll be able to come back as often as we like for the next year. My son will be thrilled! If you are looking to go treetop climbing near Valence, Accroforest is the place you're looking for.

Practical Information

accrobranche peyrins