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Sculpture "L'Enfant et le Savoir" de Toros


Place des Rencontres



Languages spoken

  • French


Toros was a dreamy, imaginative child. To his great regret, he had to give up school at the age of 10. This statue, erected on Place des Rencontres in front of the Passerelle media library, symbolizes this child's longing for knowledge.

The schoolbag he holds behind him has been deliberately left empty of material, except for the pencil inside. Like this character, Toros had only this pencil and this satchel as a child, which he has never ceased to fill with knowledge of the world, joys and experiences. The book, which serves as a base, also represents this deep aspiration to understand our world. This sensitive and touching work was designed by Toros for the media library's forecourt, as a place where we can dream, build and learn.

Opening periods

From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.


Free access.