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Sculpture "La Souffrance de l'Humanité" de Toros


Place Manouchian



Languages spoken

  • French


This sculpture delivers a universal message, dedicated to the suffering peoples of the world, who resist the trials of history through their courage.

Created by Toros for this location, this work was chosen by the city of Valence to decorate the square, on the occasion of its renovation in 2020. It was inaugurated on the day of the commemoration of the execution of the Manouchian resistance group: these 22 young foreigners involved in the Resistance were executed by the Nazis on February 21, 1944 at Mont Valérien. This new work by Toros in the urban space enters into a dialogue with the commemorative plaque that was installed there in memory of Missak Manouchian, a symbolic figure for the Armenian community. An example of the commitment of immigrants to France's wars, Manouchian was also a poet, and his face was featured on the red poster.

Opening periods

From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.


Free access.