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A day in Valence as a family


Valence is the principal town in the department of the Drôme and is a great place for a family day out. The town is not too big and there is a lot to see and do as a family. In one day, you have the time to explore the historic town centre and the must-sees, and also enjoy the beautiful surrounding parks and gardens.

Here is an idea of what you could do on a family day trip to Valence.

Maison des Têtes Valence

Morning: sightseeing tour of Valence

Come to the Tourist Office at 10am to begin your tour. Pick up the sightseeing map. It is also available on the website . You can now set off to explore the must-sees of Valence:

  • The Champ de Mars is where you can admire a superb view of the surrounding area and discover one of the most famous landmarks in Valence: Peynet bandstand. This bandstand is listed a historical monument.
  • The Maison des Têtes has a very surprising design and owes its name to the sculpted heads on the front wall.
  • Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral is one of the oldest monuments in Valence.
  • Depending on your pace, you might also have time to see Porte Saint-Ruf, the Maison Mauresque and the Saint-Jean district.
  • It takes around 2 hours to explore the town on foot. You can also visit the town on Valence's little tourist train in July and August.

Lunchtime: lunch at the Place de la Pierre in Valence

The Place de la Pierre is the ideal place to stop off for a drink. Then you could go for lunch in one of the restaurants in the shade of the plane trees at this square.

The perfect opportunity to taste a local speciality: Ravioles . Take your time to savour this delicious square-shaped stuffed pasta.

Afternoon: a stroll around the parks

  • To begin your afternoon, head to the harbour . You can get there along the ViaRhôna to discover the biggest river port in France.
  • Then you can explore Epervière Park along the footpaths. Stop by L’escale de Fonfon for an afternoon treat such as an ice cream and a drink.
  • Enjoy the view of the Château de Crussol and the Rhône while you're at Epervière park.
  • On the way back you can also explore Jouvet Park . the children can play in the playground, go on the merry-go-round and see some animals in the small animal park. In the summer you can also take a tour of the park on a little train.

Other ideas for families...