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A holiday with friends in the Drôme


The Drôme is a great destination for a holiday with friends. It's an opportunity for fun and laughter, enjoyable activities and outdoor sports. There are also heritage sites to explore, local specialities to taste, for an enjoyable holiday guaranteed.

First day of your holiday with friends


Morning: Cité de la Chaussure and sightseeing in Romans

You will spend your morning exploring Romans-sur-Isère.  You will begin with a tour of the Cité de la Chaussure . It takes 1 hour to visit this historic place. A tour of the production workshops will help you learn about the different stages involved in shoemaking. Then there is a sightseeing trail to explore the historic centre of Romans. Jacquemart tower is impressive. It has a monumental clock, huge bell and a mechanical figure.

The trail will lead you to Saint-Barnard Collegiate Church . This beautiful church overlooks the banks of the Isère. Admire the superb view!

Lunchtime: Bistrot Gourmand

The Bistrot Gourmand , at the Place Charles de Gaulle, is ideal for lunch. They serve the excellent local speciality, ravioles, so you can recharge your batteries and be ready for the afternoon hike.

Afternoon: hiking

The departure point for your afternoon hiking expedition is in Parnans, 15 minutes from Romans.

The 11 km Bel Air trail is suitable for good walkers. It takes around 3.5 hours. 

The highlight of this hiking expedition is the superb viewpoint with a panoramic view over the Vercors mountains, Romans plain and the mountains of the Ardèche.

Evening / overnight: beer and a gîte in the countryside

Avid beer drinkers will enjoy a visit to My beers in Mours-Saint-Eusèbe. This craft beer cellar has over 400 different bottled beers on sale. You can also taste them right there at the bar.

At the end of the day, you'll be heading to Chatillon Saint Jean. The Gîtes de Châtillon are surrounded by greenery, vineyards and the forest, for a relaxing and peaceful stay.

cité de la chaussure romans
randonnée pas du touet

Your 2nd day in the Drôme

Morning: Outdoor laser tag at the gîte

At the gîte you can have a game of laser tag in the great outdoors. This is a less painful version of paintball: there's no physical impact involved, only your gun can be touched by an opponent or your sensor can be hit by the infra-red lasers.

The gîte also offers the chance to play paintball if you prefer.

Lunchtime: barbecue

For lunch, you can use the barbecue at the gite, for some grilled meat or local caillette .

Afternoon: tour of a wine cellar

Go and take a tour of the Domaine de Château Vieux in Triors. The ideal opportunity to enjoy a wine-tasting session.


Evening / overnight: pizza

To finish your second day, the pizzéria Corleone in Peyrins serves some traditional Italian pizzas.

Back to the gîte. You'll need to recharge your batteries for the next part of your holiday with friends in the Drôme.

Your 3rd day in the Drôme

Morning: canyoning

It's time for a rush of adrenaline in the great outdoors. You'll be going for a canyoning experience in the magnificent Ecouges canyon in the Vercors mountains.

A qualified instructor will take you along a trail suited to your level of ability, whether you're beginners or  more experienced.

Lunchtime: picnic

Bring a picnic with you so you can eat while you're there.

Afternoon: relax

After that intense activity, it's time to relax by the swimming pool at the gîte, to round off your day perfectly.

Evening / overnight: meal at the gîte

You'll spend your evening enjoying the peace-and-quiet of the gite.

The 4th day of your holiday


Morning: bike ride

You'll be setting off on a bike ride for the day. You can hire bikes at the Aventure Vélo shop in Mours-Saint-Eusèbe.

Join the Chambarans route in Génissieux.

This route will take you up into the hills and there is a section that runs along the mountainside. The view of the Vercors mountains is breath-taking. You will then head back down to the village of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye for lunch.

Lunchtime: lunch at the Auberge de l’Abbaye

The Auberge de l’Abbaye serves top-quality gourmet dishes, full of flavour.


Afternoon: back on your bikes

Take the time to explore this beautiful medieval town.

Then, it's time to continue your bike ride. There's a slightly downhill section and then the route runs alongside the Isère river.

Evening / overnight: cocktail bar

La Villa Margot in Romans is a cocktail bar, ideal for winding down after this superb day.

The restaurant serves delicious homemade cuisine using fresh and local products.

Back to the gîte for you last night of your holiday with friends in the Drôme.

The 5th day of your holiday

Morning: Romans market / the Pogne Museum and a walk

  • Enjoy a morning stroll around the market in Romans (on Sundays) or learn about the secrets of the Pogne of Romans at the Pogne Museum in Bourg-de-Péage.
  • End your morning with a leisurely walk along the banks of the Isère.

Lunchtime: restaurant café in Valence

Afternoon: sightseeing in Valence

  • You'll end your holiday with an exploration of Valence and discover some of the must-see monuments of the town.
  • The Champ de Mars is one of the most popular places with the locals. Admire the view! Here you can also discover one of Valence's most famous monuments: Peynet bandstand
  • The Maison des Têtes owes its name to the many sculpted heads that decorate its façade.
  • Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral is one of the oldest monuments of Valence.
  • Walk up as far as the Porte Saint-Ruf, the Maison Mauresque and the Saint-Jean district.

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